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Cómo ayudar a su ser querido a dejar de fumar

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Mucha gente no se da cuenta de que fumar es una verdadera adicción. Apoyar a familiares y amigos durante el tiempo que están tratando de dejar de fumar es de gran ayuda. Vapear no es la solución. Lea mi artículo sobre vapeo aquí. **A continuación se muestran algunos productos con enlaces de afiliados, que nos permiten ganar una pequeña comisión por su compra. Esto ayuda a mantener las luces encendidas por aquí, pero no pagas ni un centavo más. Se forman espacios entre los dientes cuando fuma. Se ven como huecos triangulares oscuros. Estos espacios se convierten en el hogar de bacterias que forman caries, lo que hace que los dientes sean más propensos a dañarse y romperse. Siempre aconsejo a mis pacientes fumadores que usen un cepillo de dientes tipo sónico después de cada comida. Recomiendo encarecidamente el Boka Sonic Brush. Si quieres revertir las caries, prueba la pasta de dientes Boka (con compuesto de nanohidroxiapatita). Boka también tiene un hilo de menta sin teflón. Pasta de dientes de menta Boka Ela: Hilo dental de menta Boka: ——————- ————————————————– ——————————————– Consulte este artículo de Healthline sobre las cosas que le suceden a su cuerpo cuando deja de fumar. ¿Puedes creer que los cambios positivos ocurren solo 20 minutos después de tu último cigarrillo? Léalo aquí.

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  1. Kat137

    I found a vape. In my 16yr old sisters room

  2. sleepy

    using this video for my friends who have become addicted

  3. Audrey Blackmon

    Weed does make u dumb and leads to other drugs Facts

  4. Audrey Blackmon

    Kids don’t need put this stuff in their system
    Until 25 the brain isn’t fully matured

  5. Audrey Blackmon

    This drug has ruined my dad and my kids I tried keep them from it I hate a lot head they can’t do anything

  6. Electro

    Fucking hell cigarettes are so disgusting I can’t believe people are so addicted to it compared to cigars.
    Never seen a cigar smoker act like an addict

  7. lucas Abdou

    live free live healthy smoking kills u

  8. Anjela Titova

    Hi! I feel like telling you about my journey. I have vaped every single day for the last three years because I live in a house of vapers and you can't run out of vape the same way with cigarettes, you can recharge it until you buy a fresh one. I probably hit it over ten times every single hour until i went to bed and don't believe that vaping is safe because I have chest pains, like stinging, I am afraid to take deep breaths, I am paranoid my lungs will pop, I cant finish full sentences without stopping to breath and if I didn't start walking everyday, I feel like my lungs would have just died on me and I have trouble eating with a damaged throat AND my teeth are always yellow and my bottom gums are tiny. Remember, only in 3 years! I smoked my last puff 18 hours ago and it wasn't hard only because I didn't go cold turkey, I just slowly cut down everyday by changing my habits. I didn't smoke before meals, I tried waiting after I woke up to see how long I can go and I reminded the other vapers in the house to not vape in front of me, hide their vapes and to not speak about their vapes and they did a very good job by the end. I'm hoping I never hit another vape again and that I can motivate or scare the other vapers in my house to quit as well.

  9. Pravangasta Bentar

    I really want to know, how to trigger someone to habe the awareness for quit smoking. I really hate nicotine, they make people became hypocrite. Some people say smoking is dangerous but they also smoking. I really love my girlfriend, I thinking about her future, I really wanna her stop smoking, but it's impossible if from her doesn't have any intention to quit smoking.

    Can any scientific research have the anti-nicotine for human body? People say they smoking because they want, but it's not them, it's nicotine to ask the human body for smoking again and again

  10. UberRex

    How do you convince someone who doesn't care?

  11. Marisa Derrick

    hi i just watched your video for the first time and it was very beneficial i am going on 30 but i am at a point in my life where i want to break free from smoking but i dont know whats holding me back


    My grandma Viking now what should I do no body Knows In my family

  13. BillyBones

    Tobacco is very addictive. I quit again 11 months ago. Stopped buying the things completely and got a tube of nicotine lozenges to suck on when the cravings hit. Took about a week or two for the cravings to cease, and I didn't even finish all the lozenges.

  14. Steven Rawson

    Hey Doc … thx for the great video. My only suggestion, which I believe may lead to more views by the millions, is to add dynamic visual illustrations to this this already great video due to its credible content from a licensed, highly knowledgeable practitioner.
    Thx again.

  15. Ligia i

    thanks Doc , this was helpful :))

  16. Neemat M

    But How to convince them to make the decision to quit

  17. vitomir

    Can't believe in here

  18. Sumaiya Akther

    Ive been crying for ages because my mum is been smoking and she’s the best mum in the world and I love her so much she says she doesnt smoke and it’s really hard for her she stared agaian when she met my stepdad cause he smokes and she used to then she quit and she’s staying again she has been smoking for a couple of years and I’m crying while writing this and I need your help to help my mother stop 🛑 I don’t want her to die please I need your help😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Devansh Kumar

    But doctor if our love continues do smoking and never quite smoking or he lie me that he never do smoking then what I do for him

  20. Devansh Kumar

    Thank you doctor for helping me 👍👍👍

  21. ReannePlayz

    Hmp!🤬my candy won’t stop smoking makeing me CRAYZY

  22. Puja Kumari

    Its really difficult to convince him..
    May i success in this😅

  23. Sonyx Recipe

    Thanks Doc, I'll use this insites to help my lover


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